Antioch Christian Publishing Company Limited is a limited liability company based on Christian beliefs and
principles. We do not publish anything that we find and deem to contain offensive material, libelous statements,
graphic sexual content, graphic violence, profanity, New Age, cultic or occultic content that is not consistent with
godly Christian belief and practice.

Antioch Christian Publishing Company was founded by Lisa Harris-Corbitt who is an apostle and pastor. Lisa Harris-
Corbitt holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in both  Mass Communications and Psychology, and a Master of Arts degree
in International Relations and Conflict Resolution.

She is trained in television, radio and print journalism. For several years she was a Television
Director/Producer/Writer/Researcher and Broadcaster with the Information Division of the Prime Minister’s Office of
Trinidad and Tobago. In that capacity she produced, wrote and created documentaries and news programs on every
industry and sector in the country. She is a published author of several books including her autobiography, Sing O
Barren. She has written for television and newspapers. Besides pastoring a church, Lisa Harris-Corbitt has a diverse
background in publishing, management, marketing, graphic design, web design, counseling and conflict resolution.

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